An’na Annayake FOR WOMEN | Perfume | Eau De Parfum |

An’nayake Eau De Parfum this is the most powerful weapon of a self-confident, intelligent and discrete woman’s. The fragrance itself tries to emphasize their sweetness and beauty, gentle pink hints and benign fruit-floral droplets.

self-confident woman

This is a hit! sophisticated and subtle, the heart of the composition preserves delicate floral notes of May Rose, tuberose and jasmine spiced with rosemary. And the very basis of the composition is characterized by chypre elements of note of patchouli, warmed with fine amber. Fragrance is very inspiring, and beauty with soft pink hints and dark fruity-floral drops, which is romantic, but so seductive!

romantic love picture

With these fragrance notes you will be provided with fresh, lively and attractive color and a feeling smell of a blend of fruity notes of mandarin and black currant, leaving an impression of dash and joy from the very beginning.

Smiling girl

The An’na Annayake perfume is available in a pink glass bottle, and the outer package follows the concept of fragrance and comes in attractive pink color.

       Fragrance notes:

  • Top notes are mandarin, ribizla, bergamot
  • Middle notes are milling, rifle, caustic, tuberose, measles and, ubichitsa
  • Base notes are Patchouli, amber, vanilla

Ambre Fétiche Eau de Perfume for women there are bottles of:

  • 100ml EDP
  • 3.4 oz EDP